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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Live presentations by Jay Seegert and Paul Kampe.
Hear the latest scientific data which connects history and the Bible,
how to apply it to your life, and share it with others.
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Details on a different event — "Creation – Evolution & the Authority of Scripture"

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It is recommended that children 11 and under attend the children's activities. Creation Science teacher Sarah Gahl will be teaching all ages of students about dinosaurs, Noah's ark, kinds and much more. Includes hands on activities as well. 9-11 year olds may attend either according to their parents' wishes. Sarah will prepare them for the Noah's Ark and dinosaur presentations.

Lunch (Chicken hind quarter, potatoes and vegetable)
$2.75 per person if pre-registered or $3.75 if paid at the door.
Children 8 and under — any donation.

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Saturday, May 16

8:00-8:45 Registration
8:50-9:00 Opening remarks and speaker introduction – Pastor Dan Peterson, St. Lucas Community Church
9:00-10:00 Scientific Evidence for the Inspiration of the BibleJay Seegert
Everything we believe as Christians rests on the assumption that the Bible is actually the inspired, error-free Word of God… but how do we know that? It's not politically correct to believe the Bible alone is the inspired Word of God and most Christians cannot defend this belief. Are we to exercise blind faith, or is there a great body of evidence supporting this crucial point? This topic presents incredible scientific evidence showing beyond doubt that the Bible is truly the inspired Word of God!
10:00-10:15 Break, book table, fossil room and snacks available
10:15-11:15 Noah's Ark of SalvationPaul Kampe
Was the Ark that Noah built just a bathtub-boat vessel, or something more? How does the New Testament confirm the Genesis flood as an actual, historic event? Do the Ark and Flood have any application to my life, and should I care? Find answers to these questions and more at this engaging presentation!
11:15-11:30 Break, book table, fossil room and snacks available
11:30-12:30 Creation vs. Evolution - The Case from Science Jay Seegert
An exciting presentation (in layman's terms) of evidences for creation and challenges to evolution in three main areas: Origin of the Universe; Origin of Life; Origin of Species.

Science overwhelmingly supports the Genesis account. Learn the fact. A straight-forward reading of the book of Genesis is intellectually sound.
12:30-1:30 Lunch is available for purchase or bring a bag lunch. Fruit and snacks will also be available.
1:30-2:30 Dinosaurs and the BibleJay Seegert
Dinosaurs are both extremely fascinating and also the source of much confusion when it comes to trying to comprehend their place in God's creation and the Bible. The media often paint a picture that is difficult to reconcile with our understanding of the Bible, so many have concluded that the Bible doesn't mention dinosaurs or have even gone as far as to say that they never really existed!

This talk takes a look at the true history of dinosaurs, expels the myths and shows that the Bible explains the actual scientific evidence much better than any secular evolutionary stories. This talk is especially interesting to children, but adults will also be extremely intrigued.